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buildings in town


Land Run Distillery, beyond producing premium bourbons and whiskeys, aims to contribute to the revitalization and prosperity of Newkirk, Oklahoma, guided by the spirit of their pioneer ancestors. Inviting all to celebrate the land and its history, they seek to weave their success into the community fabric and contribute to writing the town's next chapter.


Our roots run deep on the land we call home, and we embrace our role as locals. We are deeply connected to the land and the stories that have shaped our community. From the beginning, the vision for Land Run Distillery has encompassed much more than a distillery that produces premium bourbons and whiskeys. While these pursuits remain at the core of our mission, beyond the walls of the distillery our aspirations reach farther and extend to the revitalization and prosperity of our community. We carry the spirit of our ancestors who risked everything in pursuit of a better life and land ownership. It is their legacy that fuels our passion to weave our success seamlessly into the fabric of our community. Guided by their tenacity and vision, we are committed to making a lasting impact on Newkirk, Oklahoma, and the surrounding communities. We invite you to raise a glass of fine whiskey to the pioneers who came before us, the land that sustains us, and the vibrant future we will create together. As we embark on this extraordinary journey, we hope you will join us in writing the next chapter in Newkirk's story and embracing the possibilities that lie ahead.

A Taste of Something New

Land Run Distillery serves as a catalyst for tourism, inviting visitors to experience the charm of Newkirk and the captivating story of the Land Run. We strive to contribute to the growth and vitality of our community by preserving its heritage, fostering economic development, and developing it into a vibrant destination that attracts visitors looking for a unique experience. We believe Land Run Distillery will make a multimillion-dollar impact in our community over the first five years by offering residents and visitors alike, a place to savor spirits, indulge in local shopping, delve into the rich history of the Oklahoma land runs, embark on tours of the distillery, and enjoy the hospitality of our small town. 

We prioritize job creation, tourism development, historic preservation and support for local businesses. Through meaningful partnerships and initiatives, we plan to actively contribute to the well-being and enrichment of our community.


Our job creation goals are ambitious and at the forefront of our efforts. Our commitment to fair wages means that even our lowest-paid position will match the county average. In addition, we're proud to offer part-time jobs for seniors and students. 


  • Foster Job Growth Through New Positions at the Distillery  
  • Recruit Employees from the Local Workforce 
  • Increase Employment Opportunities Within the Community 
  • Contribute to a Cumulative Payroll Exceeding $1 Million by 2027 
  • Offer Paid Positions at or Above the County’s Average 
  • Boost the Local Economy Through Job Expansion 
  • Support the Community by Offering Part-Time Jobs to Seniors & Students 


Our partnerships with local farmers allow us to source the highest quality grain from nearby fields while fostering meaningful employment opportunities within our community. Through the construction of our distillery and rickhouse, as well as the renovation of our tasting room and offices on Main Street, we are engaging, employing and collaborating with local contractors. 


  • Locally Source Raw Materials, Services & Supplies 
  • Purchase Grain from Local Farmers 
  • Employ Local Contractors for Building & Renovation Construction 
  • Use Local Companies for Plant Maintenance & Security, Grain Handling, Storage and Transportation Services  


Our focus on historic preservation can be seen in the restoration of the Main Street building, which is currently being returned to its original, historically accurate form while reviving its charm as a landmark. Through the additional retail spaces, community gathering areas, and the inclusion of a new law office, we’re creating opportunities for engagement and interaction, fostering a sense of connection within our community. 


  • Restore the Main Street building to its Original Form 


We believe the distillery will attract thousands of new visitors to Newkirk, Oklahoma each year, a number that stands to increase every year. Plans are underway to host various events throughout Northern Oklahoma, including at the distillery, to increase awareness of Land Run Distillery and the town of Newkirk. As part of the ongoing revitalization of the downtown area, the introduction of the Land Run tasting room, alongside new and established businesses, will showcase our small-town atmosphere and contribute to the growth of our community.  


  • Attract New Visitors to Newkirk, OK & the Surrounding Communities  
  • Generate New Revenue for Local Businesses  

We're just getting started, but we're excited to be part of the community, eager to see our vision come to life, and passionate about making a lasting and positive impact on the town of Newkirk, Oklahoma.  

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